last one <3

you. perfect. human. stop. it.

besides, she’s beautiful, so can spam her as much as I want

mini lights spam cause I missed my baby a lot

posted 2 years ago

posted 2 years ago

Since there’s a shit ton of new people…

HI!!!! I’m Pierre. I sing for the band Simple Plan and I am dating a fellow canadian, who is much much more attractive than me, named Lights and I love doing what I do.

Ok that’s all byeeeeeee.

i get paid to do this. i love my job.

Surprised Lights and came back to the tour. Yeah, that means left rehab “uncured”, but I’m not giving up. I’ll find other ways to help myself. 

So come watch our set and party with us every day!!

stop it oh my god

posted 2 years ago